Stephen Mooser was recently interviewed by Janelle Bitikofer who authors a blog for writers of children and young adult books. Here is an excerpt from that interview.

Ms. Bitikofer: “Stephen, many children’s and YA writers are concerned as we watch bookstores closing in our towns and digital publishing becoming more and more popular. Yet I have heard you speak of this new era as just another opportunity, another change in a long line of changes you’ve seen over the years during your life as an author and President of SCBWI. Will you share with us your thoughts on this new world of publishing, and why you have hope as we enter 2013?”

Stephen Mooser: “There is no doubt that in the last few years the children’s book business has been shaken by the rise of digital publishing. You would have thought the industry might have seen this coming after witnessing the upending of the music business, but most publishers, I think, never thought books would be impacted so quickly. Now they are scrambling to adjust, some starting e book lines, others laying off staff, a few others jumping on the self-publishing bandwagon by starting what I believe are dubious divisions not that much different from a vanity press.

What does this all portend for the children’s book author and illustrator? I believe it offers a lot of new opportunities and possibilities. No one is quite sure where this is all going, but one thing is clear, we are in on the ground floor. That’s a fortunate position because those already familiar with the creation of children’s books are far ahead of anyone coming in with nothing but digital knowledge. Like anything in this world, what counts is having something unique that people—adults and kids—will want to read, and pay for.”

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